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Guilty Hearted (Kitty Yang)

I love you
Mind to take a closer look
For my heartbeat is in the loop
Of the sweetest soundtrack of you.

I love you
Let me take just one more step
Cuz I’m hopelessly proud to be in your presence
For I preciously treasure you.

Yes it hurts
The future becomes so dark
The moment I fell in love
Cuz you are the mirror that will never reflect back

Yes, I love you dearly..
but you are my brilliant torture
Day by day, I’m missing
Drop by drop, my heart is dripping

Forgive my heart for offering a place,
you would never want to belong to.

6th November 2009

In: English Poem Posted By: Date: May 8, 2010
Comment #1

oh oh oh
really the best of the best

commentinfo By: palatethud at Oct 9, 2010
Comment #2

I love this! it’s so good

commentinfo By: writeforlife at Feb 3, 2012
Comment #3

Day by day,I m missing.
Drop by drop,my heart is dripping.
The future becomes so dark.

commentinfo By: ei lay at Oct 4, 2012

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