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Protective Love (Kitty Yang)

I tried and fly again
Got tired and failed
but who is there waiting for me if i land
or anybody willing to catch me when I fall.

Cry me a river
or bring me a diver
I have no idea who will be my future lover
but I am in love with wind

Closing my eyes but I still peek
Shutting my mouth but i want to speak
Ignoring is not my definition
Confessing is not the solution

If my heart was a nest,
he made a real mess.
He gotta live there and have the bed prepared
or he gotta leave and help my heart repaired

my heartbeat got the rhyme in his presence
The way he look at me led me speechless
The smile he gives tear me apart,
nothing in world shall ever make you hurt.

22nd January 2009
-=Kitty Yang=-

In: English Poem Posted By: Date: Sep 28, 2009

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