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juz plain.. not a game

Missing me?
Remember the days we were together
looking into the sky
where we exchange our looks, words and everything

Thinking of me?
Remembered the nights we were together
talking on the phone for hours and hours
with laughs, smiles, giggles and
with sweet, innocent words

You listened to me
I listened to you
Just like a brother and a sister
just like we’ve been knowing each other
since we were born
No lies, no hidings, nothing and
sharing every single moment of our lives

It was just so perfect
So perfect than everything we’ve ever experienced
It was our moment
it’s broken now
and no one is to blame
It is just too plain…

23rd April 2008

In: English Poem Posted By: Date: Apr 23, 2008  
Comment #1

… no one is to blame
It is just too plan


commentinfo By: Za TaGwel at Apr 29, 2010
Comment #2

The SKY is never change
but our thinking concept becomes change.
some memory becomes rememberance and some memory disappear.

commentinfo By: John Moe Eain at Jun 20, 2010
Comment #3

flowing along words , suddenly you dropped me
How this beloved broken so plain , wanna know 🙁

commentinfo By: Tawlaywa at Jul 1, 2010
Comment #4

if may be don’t sad for that coz never changing is ever changing in our WORLD.

commentinfo By: laypyay win at Sep 2, 2010
Comment #5


commentinfo By: unlucky.1330 at Sep 24, 2010

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