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Love Is Nothing!!

As we were child
We know the love
We see the love
We understand the love……

As we grow up
We want the love
We need the love
We have the love..

As we got older
We still need the love
We still want the love
We still want to have the love…

Love, Love Love
Love Love, Love
When the love will be the end…

When we got pain
We still ask the love
When we have love
We still need more love
When we don’t have love
We ask the love….

Oh, my God
The love, The love….

Everybody thinks, love is the most important
Without love, we can’t live in
Poetry, Music, Essay, and so on…

We should know that
So many things are more important than the love
That You are looking for…..


Waiting for the complains and reasons..


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commentinfo By: ei lay at Feb 5, 2013
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Thanks Ma Ei..

commentinfo By: soeoo at Feb 26, 2013

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