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Dear diary, My lover…

Dear diary,
               I cannot beleive he left me. My friend. My companion. My lover. He shot himself just lastnight, the news reporters say that his last words were: “I can never be with the one I love”. Well, now I cant. My lover commited suicide. I cried all night lastnight because of what he has done. One man, all over the news, acting like a maniac. I’ve got to go or else my tears will drip on to this page and make it smudge. Thanks, Josephine.

Dear diary,
               I’m sorry I haven’t written to you in six months, I’ve had too much on my mind. It now says on the news that someone murdered my lover. But I know better than anyone who that was. It was himself. I told you six months ago that he commited suicide, and if you argue with me then I will have to rip up all of the most meaningful pages in you so you’ll have severe memory loss. Like I’d care. I’m sorry, I just… Never mind, you wouldn’t understand. What is the meaning of life? God! Dumb question! YOU’R NOT EVEN ALIVE! Just like my lover… I’m too angry now. Goodbye, Josephine.

Dear diary,
               They found me out! They know what I’ve done! Unlike you. I’d better tell you hadn’t I? Yeah. I killed the damn idiot! He was in love with someone else when I was his girlfriend. He cheated on me, and then went to live in an apartment with this other skinny, beautiful boy toy girl. He texted me every so often when I asked him why he chose her, and you know what he said? He said: Because she’s way prettier than you and sexier than you. He didn’t say anything about personalities! Well, I’m gonna bin you now, and find that skinny freak. Sorry this is the last time I’ll write in you. I’ll love you forever buddy… Who am I kidding?! I wont, you a stupid book! Hate you, you memory stealer, Josephine.

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