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Day By Day…

I have nothing to say baby
I will still miss you tomorrow..
I want to end my day without missing you
But day by day, day after day
I am thinking being close to you………

I know
I might be worng
But I asked my heart over and over again
It said it need you forever………

Baby can I be with you forever?
Baby can I hold your hand?
Baby I know
I shouldn’t ask these questions
But you know
I need you right now………

I can be dying of missing you
I see you when I close my eyes
I hear you when I block my ears
I try to stop missing you
But it is always in my heart and head……..

Missing is toturing me day and night
I try to escape from it 
But it follow me as a shalldow

Baby I am not asking you too much
But I just want to be with me until the end…….


In: ကဗ်ာ Posted By: Date: Mar 10, 2013
Comment #1

100% same with me.
trillion thz

commentinfo By: ei lay at Mar 10, 2013
Comment #2

my one..more & more i need u now.

commentinfo By: ei lay at Mar 10, 2013
Comment #3

Day by day
as I thought about you
a little close to the m_ nt_ _ l hospital. 😉 🙂

just kidding. thank for your good poem.

commentinfo By: moezat at Mar 11, 2013
Comment #4

Thanks to Ma Ei and Ko Moe Zat for reading and comments…..

commentinfo By: soeoo at Mar 12, 2013

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