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We met in a short time
But I see your smiles all the time…
Whenever I close my eyes
It has you…… 

I came to know what is love 
I came to understand what is love
I know everything from you
I always need you……..

What did I do wrong to you?
You know, how i feel right now?
I drunk cause of you
I fight cause of you
I am fool cause of you
I can be dying cause of you….

You are my first love of my life
You are the only one who I ever love
Trust me..
I’ll hold your hand
I can dare to face any problems
But I need you………..

I respect you as my love
I dreamed to love you for my life
I don’t care who they say about you
You are my only one who I am gotta love….

Believe me
Even though our ages are different
I will still love you to the end…

You played with me?
You lied to me?
You don’t need me?
Why? Why?
Why don’t you say nothing to me?……

Don’t leave me alone
I need you..
I wanna get smiles from you
I wanna have encouragement from you
Every seconds I need you…..

A guy asked me to write for his girlfriend (Ma)
Because his Ma broke his heart…..
I don’t know how to write but I try myself…
                                                          Trying to be

In: ကဗ်ာ Posted By: Date: Feb 25, 2013
Comment #1

excellent choice of words conbine with colourful feeling.
pure love enlarge freely coz of real strong feeling.
worries were based on true love.
believe & respect encourage to face all dufficulties.

get lots of knowledges fr this poem
1.misunderstood each other caused the unexpected ending.
2.unsympthaty made the foolish ending.
3.unbelieveness destory the love.

commentinfo By: ei lay at Feb 25, 2013
Comment #2

Thanks again Ma Ei…..I think you have great story about love….I wish you might be share with poemscorner…..

commentinfo By: soeoo at Feb 25, 2013
Comment #3

i wish i could.
however. i haven’t had any experiences & pratical about love.
but i m always trying to be my best & learning as if i had bf.

all my comments based on the authors feeling.

commentinfo By: ei lay at Feb 25, 2013
Comment #4

Haha…Great explanation Ma Ei…..I can’t win you…..Anyway….Thanks for sharing….

commentinfo By: soeoo at Feb 25, 2013

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