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Sorry Baby!!

Today, you said you don’t want me anymore
Well, I will no be asking you anymore…

Sorry baby,
I can’t give what you want
I am not like your guys
I stand for who am i….

I won’t be sad if i don’t have you
I care of you a lot snice love you
But you don’t know…..

Everything you know money
Everything you see  money
Everything you want money
You have nothing expect money….

Sorry Baby,
Go away from me
You will not be in my heart any more…

Money!! No way!!
I won’t care you twice 
I am not stupid like you
I know the love and care the love….

Today is final cut
You go away or I go away from you
Choose what you want….

What!! you are going to cry
Go head!! I don’t care you..
Sorry baby
you don’t love me
Fine, I don’t you too….

Someone ask me to write about broke up poem 
I don’t know how to write and I don’t even have girlfriend 
But please try to understand me.



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