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You Know…

All i want is you
All I need is you, baby,

You know, I don’t have talky
You know I don’t have money  
Believe me, I have the ture love for you..

You know,
I love you the most
You know,
I have only you
You know,
You can do whatever you want to me
All i want is you…

You know what i need
Why do you run away form me
I give everything you need
If you need anything
I will still giving you baby..

I can let you go
If you will be happy
I will let you do
Whatever you want…

I know, you have another guy
However you try to lie me
I will pretend as I don’t know
Cause of I think
You have a lover who is better than me…….

You know,
I know everything about you
I know what you are doing
I hope you will be going to understand me soon..

You know
I love you the most forever…

I don’t know what am I writing about this poem but I think you all will feel it somehow.

In: ကဗ်ာ Posted By: Date: Apr 2, 2013
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excellent … i like yr poem very good creation ….

commentinfo By: cynthia at Apr 3, 2013
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commentinfo By: ei lay at Apr 4, 2013
Comment #3

Thanks, for your complement for commenting and reading on my poem……

commentinfo By: soeoo at Apr 4, 2013

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