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Without You, Nothing Is Special For Me!

Say something to my heart
My heart is dying without you 
You know that I need you..

Without a dobt,
Everything is you
Nothing can change my love on you
My love always for you..

May be loving meaning nothing for you 
But without love, nothing for me
Without love, I can’t be alive
Please don’t let me go without you
I can’t imagine how to live beyond you..

Smile at me
Don’t leave me alone
I constanly want to be with you,
Always, forever,perpetually, incessantly..

Trust me,
You made my world
You gave the light
You contrived my dream come true
You influence my love all the night and day..
I can’t abscond form you………..

One thing I can say to you
Thus, without you, Nothing Is special for me…………

                                                                           TRYING TO BE
                                                                                              SOE ………

In: ကဗ်ာ Posted By: Date: Nov 19, 2012
Comment #1

So much touching.
Ur powerful attractive lovely poem took me a very long time.
I love it.

commentinfo By: ei lay at Nov 19, 2012
Comment #2

Without u,nothing is special for me.
I love u more than others.
I constantly want to b with u.
Don’t leave me alone.
Plz don’t let me go without u.
U know that I need u.
Trust Me.

commentinfo By: ei lay at Nov 22, 2012
Comment #3

Thanks to Ma Ei….

commentinfo By: soeoo at Feb 26, 2013
Comment #4

without u.

commentinfo By: ei lay at Feb 26, 2013

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