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Dear MJ!

Dear MJ!

Oh, in our world:

There have many people,

We had ever seen.

There has one man, we know;

The man, who made many changes.

Who made our musical world change.

Who made our dancing world change.

Who made our thought change.

And that man can bloom the flowers;

He watering the flowers;

He loves the flowers;

He tried to save the flower;

We know he is the king;

We know he is the noble person;

We know he can walk in the moon;

We know he can dance in the battle field;

He had ever tried to stop the war;

He had ever tried to send happy;

He had ever tried to save the world;

Oh! He is really great!

We can hear his voice,

Wherever he is.

We can saw his face,

Wherever he is.

We all know who he is.

We love him;

We like him;

He can heal the world;

And he is the world too;

Do you know?

Who is he?

He is not black.

He is not white.

He is the song.

He is the dance.

I miss you MJ.

And I luv u MJ.








In: ကဗ်ာ Posted By: Date: Feb 2, 2012
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Perhaps, he is powerful ?
Isn’t it ?

commentinfo By: May Kha at Feb 6, 2012
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commentinfo By: ei lay at May 3, 2012

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