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the one who drived me crazy

the one who hurts me daily

the one who taught me how to love

the one who broke my heart

the one whom i remember too much

the one whom i trying to forget

In: English Poem Posted By: Date: Dec 11, 2010
Comment #1

who ???? ေအာ္ အရက္ထင္တယ္ ။။ အရက္ျဖတ္ေနတာလား။ 😛

commentinfo By: moezat at Dec 13, 2010
Comment #2

I have never thought like that. like ur idea

commentinfo By: Gantgaw at Dec 14, 2010
Comment #3

the one whom i trying to forget
So Great!!!!
Nice words

commentinfo By: ေကသရီ at Sep 6, 2011
Comment #4

so touching,,
super like,
but i never try to forget my love,,,;) 😉

commentinfo By: ei lay at Apr 26, 2012
Comment #5

haha…cute n funny

commentinfo By: cynthia at Apr 8, 2013

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