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Sundays that i shouldn’t love

though i hope every sunday ,
Everysunday always carries the wounds .
though i love every sunday,
Every sunday always gives the bitter taste .
in every saturday night that i cann’t sleep
i open every sunday morning with thoughts:shall i meet u ?
But finally ,i’m wiping tears away
sometimes heart hurting
longing n sorry ………..
then i close this day with hatred
i am still waiting every sunday phone that never rings
but if it passes 5;00pm ,
i am whisphering heart breaking poems
with my face’s on knee
on that sundays i shouldn’t love ,i always miss the day that getting together once………………….

In: English Poem Posted By: Date: Jul 17, 2010
Comment #1

It has meanings but It is not a poem …I think..

commentinfo By: KyawLay at Oct 12, 2010
Comment #2

may be …..but it has so many feeling

commentinfo By: su at Oct 13, 2010

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