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My Love for you……

I was feeling so good,
No worries to see.
Then that fatal afternoon,
Took you away from me.

I know you’re still here,
Standing next to me.
Your warmth I feel all around me,
It’s just your face I can not see.

Your up in the heavens,
So far away.
But you will always be in my thoughts,
Each and every day.

You taught me to love life,
And to see things thru.
But this is one of the hardest things,
I will ever do.

I have to let you go,
Although I don’t want to.
I really have to do it,
God has bigger plans for you.

We will all miss you,
In many different ways.
But we will be together again,
In not so many days.

Now I must let you go,
I’ll love you with all my heart.
God has big plans for you,
And this is how it starts.

Just walk right thru,
Those big pearly gates.
Where there is no evil,
No killings, no hates.

Release my hand,
But stay in my heart.
My LOVE for you,
Will never part.

Credit to Original poet  Texax Gal

In: English Poem Posted By: Date: May 27, 2011

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