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U make me feel this way
I let u hurt dat way
I’m sorry dat I tear u apart
It’s juz dat I can’t love u much
I dunno wat love is
It’s kinda complicated dat I’ve ever had
Thought i knew dat already
yet I’ve never got to understand dat
Thought I have luck at it
But I never realli did
Da way I knew was a fake lovin’
which is realli terrifyin’
Thus, go away terrible thing
Dat means nothing to me everyday
Forget da past
Live my life n’
brighter future ahead
Dat’s wat we all looking at

8th Feb 2008

In: English Poem Posted By: Date: Feb 14, 2008
Comment #1

now I get some kinds of meaning for LOVE.
And I also feel the usage of words.

commentinfo By: John Moe Eain at Jun 20, 2010

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