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My first love

When I first met you, I
Hated your face.
A few months later, I began
To like you.

From then on out, all was
Love and dislike,
And sometimes a terrible ache.

Once in a while you fed my
Liking for you.
Most of the time though,
You didn’t.

Then, I found out something
Not good, and in my heart,
I knew that it was over. . .

I don’t know if God will
Let me like you again,
But if that be so, or if it be
No, you were my first true
Love. . .Thank you.

In: English Poem Posted By: Date: Jun 27, 2010
Comment #1

pls if u look that poem. i want a little response. is the poem good or bad 🙂

commentinfo By: fell in heart at Jun 27, 2010
Comment #2

good poem fri
i think u can creat better poem than it ……………..but i like this poem
i think this is ur true feeling

commentinfo By: su at Jul 24, 2010
Comment #3

that’s was my true feeling.

commentinfo By: fell in heart at Jul 24, 2010

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