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My hope is still fresh growing up

Having been in 25 years in the world, I found a love.
First,I tried to avoid from your love
But I was looking forward to make a knot with you without being aware of myself

I was satisfied with only your compliments
They look like breeze in summer and sunshine after the rain
There were no dignities and classification between us
It was enjoyable

You said that we need to understand each other
Ya! I agree with you
And also I need your kindness forever

Stormy seas between us
Rocky mountains separated

You said that you tried to come to me as soon as possible
I believe you..

Water in the stream is running
Leaves are falling one after another
Calendar was looked over by one after one
It has been taking long time

My hope is still fresh growing up
My heart beat is so pleasant with no sorrow
I’m ready to give smile and kindness when you come
Someday,you will come to me

Sandar from the heart

In: English Poem Posted By: Date: Jun 26, 2014

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