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I found You and Lost You,All in One Day

3-26-2012          I Found You and Lost You ,All in One Day
        You were standing in line at Wal-mart when I walked by,
        I could see that you recognized me,because your face lit up,
        I as well,felt a warm fuzz overcome me,I hurt as I walked by,
        It was as though the same feeling as I’ve had in many long dreams,
        I always wake up too soon,This time all feelings were true,
        True as the ripples reflecting the sun light in the clear cool water,
        Of the only wishing well within my lifetime ,Time is running short,
            Long your gone,your eyes were as blue as the sky is high,
            Somewhere out there your heart is mine to find,
            Many smiles for many miles,if only yours could be found,
            I could stop looking through out long dreams,
            And stop watching the wishing well,
                            Splash bright my many lucky penny s,without you.
        I was standing in line,somewhere like before,when I though I saw you walk by,
        I was blinded by the sight ,it made my loneliest of days,see the light,
        I may not have even seen you ,happy thoughts bring me change,
        I no longer am penniless at the wishing well where once I fell,
        Many pennies and wishes would would come true my way,
       After falling into the chilling clear water,which I still remember with pride,
        I walk with a smile because I know someday,you will be the one I find.

        If you read this ,I want to tell you That I have always loved you .

In: English Poem Posted By: Date: Mar 27, 2012
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so nice

commentinfo By: ei lay at Apr 1, 2012
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