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When Time Stands Still ,Again

10-17-2011    Time stands still again
            Something about your beautiful eyes ,Jade with overtones of gray,
            How I wish I could gaze into them once again,I hold you tight in my dreams,
            Even if it was just once,I still see the setting sun in your eyes into my heart,
            That one special moment when time stood still,
            Only the warm soft breeze,The blink of an eye came between us,
            Against blue skys,I still see you smile before our last kiss,
            Even as I write this ,I become breathless,I want to find you,I yearn to be free,
            She has gone ,never to reappear-only similarities among this masquerade,
            Where we walked on hallow grounds,I restep,I touch the the found,
            Sitting on this bench,the seat is still warm ,the branches still sway,
            I close my eyes opening my mind ,body ,and soul,
            I hear forever our last hello,I feel no longer,the last good bye.    

In: English Poem Posted By: Date: Feb 13, 2012
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One of my favorites

commentinfo By: Ricky Brown at Feb 27, 2012
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Nice poem

commentinfo By: ei lay at Nov 13, 2012

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