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An End’s Prologue (Kitty Yang)

Once in a while,
I want to cry.
Although you have no intention,
the pain you gave has its own compulsion.

All I tried to seek is your awareness,
everything I get in returns is just ignorance.
Sometimes I will look like a real fool,
when you know the secret that nobody tell you.

I tried to play the avoidance with you ,
still that “I do care” stands true.
I tried to stop giving you favor,
but all I have in mind is “I’ll be there”.

Sunshine made me think of you
Moonlight made me dream of you
Yet, one day, with much effort,
I will fall for you no more.

6th January 2009
-=Kitty Yang=-
[Your Brilliant Torture]

In: English Poem Posted By: Date: Sep 28, 2009  
Comment #1

so nice.

although u have no intention,,
the pain u gave has it own compulsion.
sunshine made me think of u.
moonlight made me dream of u.

commentinfo By: ei lay at May 2, 2012
Comment #2

All I tried to seek is ur awareness.
Everything I get in return is just ignorance.

commentinfo By: ei lay at Dec 19, 2012
Comment #3

So strong


commentinfo By: n$n at May 6, 2013

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