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The Pain (Kitty Yang)

I see the happiness when he is around
Yet, I feel the pain because I’m the one
He will never stop to have a chat
I feel like I’m going to be dead

Poems cannot express it,
Words cannot describe it
What I miss is the way back time,
I do whatever he needs with my eyes blind

I said I want to erase
But I want this misery to be faced
Though it can kill me anytime,
I keep reminiscing for many times.

Every veins of mine cries
as this little thing called “heart” was being fried
As long as it makes him grin
I shall die inside and beam.

23rd Janurary 2009
-=Kitty Yang=-
[Your Brilliant Torture]

In: English Poem Posted By: Date: Sep 28, 2009
Comment #1

i like so much both title & poem.
thz so much.,,it’s all what i feel.

commentinfo By: ei lay at Apr 25, 2012
Comment #2

i saw the happiness when he is around.
yes,i feel the pain because i m the one.

poems can’t express it.
words can’t describe it.

commentinfo By: ei lay at May 2, 2012
Comment #3

I like so so much.
Every veins of mine cries.

commentinfo By: ei lay at Oct 4, 2012
Comment #4

As this little thing called heart was being fried.

commentinfo By: ei lay at Dec 19, 2012

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