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To Catch A Star Falling

3-28-2011      Of What I Could  See-To catch a last falling star

 Of What I See -Whispering into the quiet calm,A distant breeze has brought forth,

The coming of the Spring,My eyes they open like an open hand to a fresh flower,

My nose smells a sweet nectar,The spring is upon us,

The Sun is among the shadows of a strong mountain’s top dancing in the distance,

My ears can hear a faint laughter as the winds flutters through the canyon,

The voice of Mother Nature calling my name,The light of day fades as I am still sitting-not moving an inch,

A crescent moon reminds me of you,smiling without a word,

Retiring to the night,My sleep is my wonder-my dreams of the thunder,

I awake to a near dawn as I catch the last star falling,

I give back more than anything I may have taken, once more.

In: English Poem Posted By: Date: Dec 17, 2011

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