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Why is life so difficult,
As if your tied up in string? 
Your supposed to be the cult,
Of your own thing.
Why does the only one you love,
Walk away from you?
Like a free little dove,
They abandon you too.
Why does everyone you know,
Want to be with someone else?
And the someone who throws,
Old baggaged mouse. 
It makes you feelworthless,
But you are not,
Your not the worthless one.
Even if your not hot,
Your good enough to me.
I’ve been through all of this,
My boyfriend and I.
After we had a little kiss,
He walked away from me.
So your not worthless,
But they are.
They’re not like us,
 It’s as it they’ve been pushed in tar.
Tell the you love them,
Then walk away.
Show them how it feels,
Let them try to pray. 

In: English Poem Posted By: Date: Nov 13, 2011
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why is poverty leads to various crimes.

commentinfo By: ခမ္းမြန္ကစ္ at Nov 14, 2011
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commentinfo By: pinkgirlrcw at Nov 27, 2011

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