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“Repressed heartbeat”

NO matter
how I try to close my heart door,
Yow always invade and
make resurrect my repressed love.

I have not quite
shaken off the effects of love
But why I always missing  a person
who revelling around and
happy-go luck type.

Sometime I have an illusion
that You love me a little or bit,
 although never have been.

I ‘d like to wipe out form the root all out
such a stupit habit and
thought it’s just quite useless for me.

Yeap~..It’s a reali hard to peace for me
 I can call out to my love nowhere.
Trying to forget you is
can’t bring myself too much. so,,,
It better for me devoting my time
thinking and missing about U. . .

In: English Poem Posted By: Date: Nov 9, 2011

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