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I am the silent killer

I’m the Silent Killer

In this world, some people are famous, and some are notorious. Most people want to


 be famous. I don’t think there is no one who wants to be notorious.

Frankly speaking, I am a notorious  person . As a matter of fact,   I don’t want to be

notorious. Unfortunately I become the bad person or wicked one for this world.

No one should make me acquaintance or friend. In case someone makes me friend , I

will become bad association for him / her . Actually all people know about my bad action and

behavior.  I always make my friends get into trouble in various ways. I  am  very amazed  that  

people want to make me friend even though I am cruel one who will kill them later. They never

want to abandon me after being friend with me  because they  get addicted to and  love me  

very much.

In reality, they face with a variety of social problems and health issue because of

friendship with me. I don’t understand why I possess this type of my life. Anyway, I am

happy to harm my friend. The more they suffer , the happier I am . This is my duty and

responsibility as an evil-doer.

            In spite of being killer, I never  kill  the people once and for all . I let them die gradually

 by feeding nicotine and getting  addicted to. The nicotine is a poison that harms every organ

of  human  body. It activates the part of the brain that control feeling of pleasure . After I feed

nicotine them , they become my faithful slave. Thus, they do everything I ask for. They know

that nicotine is bad for them but they cannot help abusing it . In fact, they kill themselves

by receiving nicotine that I give.

I think you have known so far who I am. Nevertheless, I want to tell you to make sure

who I am. I am tobacco you never should associate with.


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