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How You keep Safe In a Lightening Storm

There are many natural disasters in our planet earth. They are flood , earthquate , wildfire , lightening and storm etc . He therefore , need to know what to do when there is any disaster.
                                    I would like you to advise how to keep safe in a lightening storm. When there is lightening and you are outside , you should get into your house or a large building or get inside a hard-topped car. If you are in a field , you will have to erouch on your knees and bend over. Do not lie down because the wet ground can carry electricity.
                                     If you are inside the house , you must keep away from windows and doors  because flying glass can hurt you. you should stay away from sinks and tubs and anything else wet that could conduct electricity. Do not use the telephone unless there is an emergency.
                                      If you are outside , you need to stay in the open. You must not stay under a tree or in a picinic shelter or shed , because lightening hits the tallest object. It is better to get wet than fried. You must move away from anything made of metal like a framed backpeck as metal draws electricity.
                                       If you are in water , you must get out of water as much as you can. You should also get away from the beach and then get out of a boat and into the building.
                                       The facts mentioned above are do’s and don’t for you when lightening stroms happens. You should learn what to do and what not to do before you face the lightening so that you can prevent in your danger.

PS. If i make mistake , Pls forgive and read it. just writing what i know. Thanks PoemsCorner and all the friends for getting a chance writing here.

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