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                                             People longed summer because there was a long winter in my place this year. There was no rain last weekend. It was sunny , warm and nice weather.
                                             I went to the Ontario beach which is not far from my apartment . Even though Ontario is a lake , it looks like a sea or ocean. It is vast and so huge that we cannot see the shore of other side. The blue water makes it beautiful senery. Its breeze gives people cool and freshness.
                                             It is crowded on the beach this summer.Some walked around the beach . Some strolled . Some ran. Some rode their bikes . Some laid down on the sand. Some played valleyball. Some swam. Some went fishing. Children played in the playground.
                                             Seagulls flew above. Speedboats were driven very fast. A few boats were set sail. We get a lot of fresh air from the lake. It makes us active and energetic. I had a good time on the beach last weekend.

                                                                                Trying to be,


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