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Wanted a boy


Wanted  a boy!

             How often we these

            Common little words may see.

            Wanted for errands to be run,

            Wanted for every thing under the sun.

            All that the men today can do,

            Tomorrow, the boys will be doing too.

            For ,soon the time is coming

            When the boys must take the place of men.


            Wanted ! the world wants boys today

            And it offers them all it has to pay.

            Honor, wealth, position, fame

            A useful life and a deathless name.

            Boys to shape the path for men,

            Boys ,to make the plough and pen.

            Boys to forward the tasks, begun

            For the world’s great work is never is never done.


              The world is anxious  to employ

              Not merely some,but every boy

              Whose heart and head will ever be true

            To the work, his hands shall find to do.

             Honest, faithful, earnest, kind

            To good awake, to evil, blind

            Heart of pure gold without alloy.

            Wanted! The world wants such a boy.


Anonymous (There might be someone, but i got it from my father and he did not remember who wrote this)


In: ကဗ်ာ,Others Posted By: Date: Jul 13, 2011

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