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Introduction of Peace and Harmony in this world


In modern today the world introduce to still facing any kinds of unwholesome way of harmful things and the world is still facing the unwholesome characteristics and the harmful things on account of the irritation, dissatisfaction, disharmony, social problems, cultural and religious barriers and seems to lost sight of harmony although the senior leaders in different parts of the world are always trying to seek the real harmony of the world. Human being of any background are constantly trying to gain the upper hand in politic, business, social, religious and cultural conditions. And the people are likely trying to win the upper hand in any social, econimic, mothed of any conditions as well. 

For these conditions, different problems against the harmony arise among the beings. Ever since the dawn of civilization, the conflicts, unwholesome, harmful things and problems have been arousing in human being, among societies, countries, environment and even among the members of family which is called the smallest area of association and society in the world and other side of area in the group of family too.

For twelve years till the Buddha gained the enlightenment and became the Sabbannuta, not only human beings but the divine beings too had been trying to seek in different ways and means for the strict application of the auspicious, disciplians and principle things in order to be eradicated those unwholesome problems which make the different beings suffer in daily life. But the accurate way could not be found except for the Buddha for resolution, determination, and the way of those problems like no medicine to cure the unknown diseases. That’s why the roots of the problems have been kept hidden within beings and can not be found easily without insight.


In the Abhidhamma, there are six roots to generate wholesome and unwholesome deeds and speech; namely attachment (Lobha), hatred (Dosa), delusion or ignorance (Moha) and non-attachment or generosity (Alobha), non-anger or good will (Adosa), non-deiusion or wisdom (Amoha). And then they are divided into two groups as good and bad characteristic. First three is evil thing and next three is good root. Next three is called the root of consciousness or Hetu in Pali, for the reason that they cause threefold division of world (Loka) to be successful. First three is called the Root of mind or Hetu in Pali, for the reason that they cause threefold division of world (Loka) to destroy. And for the condition the threefold they cause division of world (Loka) to disappear and vanishing as whole.

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