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love letter(first one in my life)

The first time when i saw u is in private class.U just visited our class with one of old students.One notebook was in ur hand,u were in grey color outfit.As soon as u came in the flat,u looked amazed and looked at me for a few seconds with something in ur eyes.That was a kind of feeling of wonder.Why u wondered at that time when u see me?Have u been seen me before?

At class,when someone asked u a question,u felt shy.ur face was blushed then.It was strange to me.A man who looks sophisticated is feeling shy made me wonder.The way u talk,the way u smile,all are likely behaviours of my dad.It’s strange too.To be exact,u came there again second time after a couple of weeks.In that time since then,I’ve been sure that u are very polite,smart and sweet guy.

Unexpectedly,I ever have joy when I think about u.I can always figure out u and ur eyes.I still memorize that i’m gazzing at ur eyes for about 1 min as first time i’ve been looked at eyes of opposite sex.The color of ur eyes and ur look,all made me amazed.why? something is missing!!!!!!!!!!!Longer by longer ,i get that why.

I couldn’t see u for 78 days so far.I wanna see u but I know how come!!!!!
I wanna see where u live and where u work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I’m dying to say u that how I do love u!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I DO LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I DEEPLY LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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