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Letter to the one I love

Dearest Ezzio,
                       I have loved you since I laid my eyes on you. My dreams, you have lured in, my thoughts you have broke in to. The truth is, you are the one I love. Don\’t get freaked out about this, all my friends know, and it\’s really odd that they haven\’t told you yet. My friends are always spreading secrets. I hate them, but I also love them. Of course, not as in love, love like I do to you, but in friendly love. All I ask from you is to be mine. Forever. I love you, I always have, and I always will. Obviously though, if you do not accept this request, I will be long gone from this area. So no embarassment is caused to you.
                                                         Loads of unexpected love
                                                                   from Janette 

In: English Essay Posted By: Date: Nov 12, 2011
Comment #1

My name is not Janette by the way, and my lovers name is not Ezzio 🙂

commentinfo By: pinkgirlrcw at Nov 12, 2011
Comment #2

really nice,,
same with me.
what kinds of fris they r? ha,,ha,, 😉

commentinfo By: ei lay at May 1, 2012

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