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The day you left me
My life is into the pices
Everything i have done for you
I still have nothing from you
But everything you gave it to me
I am in heaven…

The day you left me
I truly understand I can’t live without you
Without you, everything is slient
The moon is crying for me
The wind is looking for you
To ask why did you leave me alone…

I should know that
This evil day would come to me
I can be prapared for it
But you broke my days into the tiny pices…

I wanna sleep forever
Cause of I don’t wanna suffer missing of you
I tried to ask to Mr. Sun
But he won’t let me sleep in
I don’t wanan wake up cause I am lonely…

Every day I look our couple photo
I don’t know why I tear come out on my cheeks
I can’t stop missing you
I can’t stop loving you
Whatever you say
I love you..
Baby,..I am so lonely…lonely..lonely…

I beg you to come back to me
Whenever I saw couples
I miss you
Whenever I saw kisses
I miss you
Whenever my friend asked about you
I miss you…
Right now,, I am so lonely and waiting for you..

Without feeling, I wrote a poem for you all…I guess it will shake your heart somehow…

In: ကဗ်ာ Posted By: Date: Apr 8, 2013
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aww u write for everyone .. without feeling ..great. thank u .

commentinfo By: cynthia at Apr 8, 2013
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commentinfo By: ei lay at Apr 8, 2013
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Special Thanks to Cynthia and Ma Ei..

commentinfo By: soeoo at Apr 9, 2013

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