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‘A kiss . . . You gave’


What a kiss, you gave,

Suddenly I got, kiss wasn’t a curse,

Cheek got it rarely, but smiled wonderfully,

But what a kiss you gave, I was ashamed because of it…!


You created a day of surprise, a bay of night,

I could feel your cheek, it’s so soft and deep,

How pleasure under the starry night we kissed,

And now, how do I forget your quick lips…?


It’s just an amazing time, we laughed,

We passed earth sunny days in love,

And hugged in the dark, where the lips sucked,

And beg your true love, for my pitiful heart…


Today isn’t the day you cry, just for love,

Sorrow and tragedy might die, where your daisies cry,

Our sky is still clear, you can hear the sound of cheer,

Let’s continue our kissing, where angles come to do a blessing,

And till the earth comes to be its ending…………!

# Lynn Eain Thin <>

In: English Poem Posted By: Date: Mar 7, 2014

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