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For You

For You
***My memories:
To read your mind & to hear the sound of your heart’s beating.

***My brain:

To save my feeling & to change the word of my life’s meaning.

***My arms:

To hold you tight & share your tears from pain.

***My hands:

To bright your life & to take away your trouble-rain.

***My love:

To rise your days with sun light & to safe every night.

***My heart:

To know you there I’m for you & we are one from two.

***My God:

To thank for giving me time to breath with you.


John Moe Eain

In: English Poem Posted By: Date: Jun 18, 2010
Comment #1

I love the most this (My hands: To bright your life & to take away your trouble-rain.) 🙂

commentinfo By: Shwe Ngar at Aug 27, 2010
Comment #2


commentinfo By: hay mar at Sep 28, 2010
Comment #3

Not Bad….

commentinfo By: dead man at Sep 29, 2010
Comment #4

thz for giving me the time to breathe with u.

commentinfo By: ei lay at Nov 16, 2011

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