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Comes a time

Ships coming in upon the horizon,strange sounds and smells fill the air,
The yellow moon on the rise,is there where I stare.
My watch is broken but I know,it’s time to go,
Up on the mountain I see for miles,
A lot of motion ,but no one is there,the ground is bare,
The stars are bright ,the air is cold.
      I want to be someone -in this life,who makes it on my own,
      I want to be someone-in this life,who cares and not be alone,
      Where am I,
There is a lonely path I walk down, times that I feel secluded and blue,
Of the few I think of ,I always come back to you,
The signs are proven,I take the other way,
Stepping up for the depths to the shallows,
Looking into a reflecting pool where there is a ripple,
I too,am here then gone..         1-28-2012

In: English Poem Posted By: Date: Jan 29, 2012

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