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The walk ,let’s go on onward

        11-1-2011    Let’s walk,let’s go forward                                                           

 I ask for your response, do you like the color-the lay of the land?

Many miles our walk is unforgettable, The fence post go on forever,all in a roll,

  Not seeing an end,the shadows of The West Range are gray cold,

Stars trickle out as to pour out from the Milky way,To camp is too cool and together we keep much warmer,

Morning climb that breaks at the summit, A waterfall reaches out to our eyes,

Downhill walking- I ask you if you feel, like a feather softly floating through the air,

See the noon dance of the creatures of the land, are with us; you ,me, and them?    


In: English Poem Posted By: Date: Dec 17, 2011

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