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Learning how to run again

4-15-2012        Learning How To Run Again
            Not like before or the time before that,teaching yourself to run,
        has become more difficult.I have put on some weigh,I can’t even move around like before.
        The most important reason I have been wanting to start running is,to help lower my blood pressure.
            I have started to watch what I eat.No longer do I eat until the food is gone.
        I watch my Sodium intake as much as I do my intake of salt.I have also cut the amount
        of food I eat in half.I had no idea that I would ever be overweight.
            My first day to begin this choir ,is what is has become,I did some stretching exercises,
                    but found that, not to be as easy as I thought.My whole left side was out of whack.
                    All of my body hurt as well as my brain.I did not want to do this stretching,but I have to.
        persistance and discipline is a large part to prepare your body to be able to run a long way.
            When I began to run ,I would run a lap,then walk a lap.I even did a few push ups
                   and set ups along the way.I wondered how did I let myself get this far out of shape,
        let alone my blood pressure being high.I will have to check my blood pressure
        more often to see if my running has lowered it.I worry about my health,nowadays.
            After day one I am a bit sore.I feel I am in the right position to lose some weight.
        Stretching will be much more difficult,but I must persevere.A few months of this and
              the pain will be much less.I found that I sleep better.I am eating less and I am sure
        that my blood pressure is down.Now to get out there and do it again.

In: English Essay Posted By: Date: Apr 16, 2012
Comment #1

me too.

commentinfo By: ei lay at May 1, 2012
Comment #2

Trying to loose weight is really tired & difficult.
Suffer pain so much & sometimes cry aloud.

Trying to keep stable that loosing weight is more difficult & harder.
Had to worry,nervous & excited all time. 🙁

I feel sympyhatic.
I myself also had to pass these awful painful serious time.
I know so well how much tired.
Not b’coz of someone,,I won’t try to change my styles. 😛
But b’coz of that guy,,I decided to push myself & face these exchange.
For over 10 years,,I keep trying to control.
Coz of that guy,, 😛
Thz u so much to him everyday.

commentinfo By: ei lay at Dec 13, 2012

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