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Keeper of the Four Fallen Souls of Dark Lords.

I am the keeper of the four fallen souls of dark Lords.
I locked up the four dark flames.
Guarding the four dark Lords’ remains, out in the flames.

The two sides, the Lights & the Darks.
We, the notorious while they famous.
We, the Darks, simply went down with hatred, and they prevailed.

The God had let us down, took a side and turned us over.
We, the Darks, firmly stand our ground.
Serve our dark Lords and defend the Lights.

Still seeing our last sky in dreams, black and blue.
Though there were black smokes hovering underneath the attacking sky.
Our Lords fallen breaking those rigid walls of Heaven.
The barrier between Hell and Heaven.

Their lights burning our skins, pain in our hearts, our ashes scattered.
Their spells are cruel, quick enough and shocking.

We were born ugly.
We have been the biggest villains in the biggest story in this existence.
They have wings on them, while we run and survive on the ground.
They have wands in their hands, while we fight with our pitchforks insanely.

I am the keeper of the four fallen souls of dark lords.
I locked up the four dark flames.

In the name of darkness power, I called upon my slaves.
Trying to awake the four souls in the flames.
I awoke the soul of the first dark Lord, the Devil in the flame of Fear.
I awoke the soul of the second dark Lord, the Lucifer in the flame of Hate.

God is screaming and stunned.
The Darks burnt all those worlds away.
They were all gone and overthrown.
Skies away.
White-ness away.

I awoke the soul of the third dark Lord, the Satan in the flame of Ignorance.
We were slashing the centers of the grounds while the Lights invaded the east.
The Lights, the angels, dimming and running in chaos.

For the power, I awoke the soul of the last dark Lord, the Eurglaytov in the flame of Blood.

So beware, be quiet and be dead.


In: English Poem Posted By: Date: May 30, 2009
Comment #1

hmm.. the poem’s so dark…sounds like a video game 🙂 . The war between angels and demons.. but who are u to lock up the dark lords??? are u the dark king??

commentinfo By: friendchen at May 26, 2010

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