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Emotions in Motion

9-3-2012        Emotions in Motion
    I have lost my way,just for today,for tomorrow you will be home,
    Time has come to a stand still,the road I stroll, has become meaningless,
    I am ready for the bringing of new beginnings,I wait-watching the sun go down,
    The morning has brought you home ,coolness to every shadow of dawn,
    Soon the rain will fall as snow,the river’s shallows will draw the reflection,
    Of the bare trees against the gray sky,it is there -I see you ,a ghost from the past,
    The past which I had left behind,now the only issue to address,
        Finding the steps back to truly say,”I’m sorry.”            

In: English Poem Posted By: Date: Sep 4, 2012
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commentinfo By: ei lay at Sep 7, 2012
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This wasn”’t overnight.

commentinfo By: rick at Sep 17, 2012

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