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Facing the Emerald Sea, Revised

 Walking slowly along the beach,November’s wind is cold, As is the water,
I run from the pearly waves drawing towards for my dry feet,
Reaching my eyes,where as to follow,reminds me of where I used to go,
Watching the brilliant colors of the crisp clear sunset,
Casting the greatest gleam across the sky,lit as if an arch-less rainbow,
Fading Emerald Green flashing brightly before dark sets in,
The early full moon’s reflection is as far as I can see
Reaching out to me ,across the ocean waves,I become in a trance,
All dreams ,even ones that come true,must be awakened each time after another,
  I turn with a teardrop, as I face the my world ,back into the race I descend,
The moon and walking on the ocean waves, is all that I live for,
I carry sand in my shoes to remind me of you.

In: English Poem Posted By: Date: Jul 31, 2012
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that is really good.

commentinfo By: maungnaypyar at Jul 31, 2012

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