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“My Love which is meant for U” (မင္းကိုခ်စ္တဲ့သူ)

as the time passes day and day
loneliness is still on my way
bear the hurt and stand the pain
feeling of numbless i still can’t explain…

sometimes i juz want to be with u
holding ur hand to drift out from blue
even in my dream i’m still with u
i huv no idea how to continue without u…

lacking of u make me like a fool
and i had tried to seek for someone like u
but i’m juz wasted my time for finding another u
finally i found that they got nothing on u…

for how long will it takes to meet each other
i can only have a chance to see u in monitor
and counting down the day in the calendar
special thanks to Viber for letting us to be together…

i didn’t feel sad when i know i’m not ur first
i still huv a chance to be ur last
i also dunt know how much longer can i last
before i becomes one of the past
but i will still love u until the end of the earth…

In: English Poem Posted By: Date: Jun 5, 2012
Comment #1

super like.
i’ll still love u until the end of the earth,

commentinfo By: ei lay at Jun 5, 2012
Comment #2

Loneliness is still on my ways.
Lacking of u make me like a fool.
For how long will it take to meet each other?

commentinfo By: ei lay at Sep 30, 2012

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