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Afraid of You

5-22-2012 Afraid of You
I let you in ,oh yes I did- a lover in sheep’s clothing ,
No matter how hard you tried you couldn’t be original in anything,
So as far as I can see ,you’ve gone but you pretend you are everything,
Gone as I can see your not even in my memory,
Nothing to have seen ,you’ve never been here in the clear,
Your just a make believe of something you’ll never be,
Walk away my old lost friend,don’t bother to look back,
I enjoy the way you’ve made a big fool out of me,
At least you won’t be coming back,I keep hoping,
You just keep reappearing,all I want to say to you,
Is please let me be,until I take my last breath of air.
Just let me be free at last,You’ll be a misery,
Until you’ve let me be,till you’ve taken away,
My only last request, I will have to take away,
You away from me.

In: English Poem Posted By: Date: May 23, 2012

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