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Remembering Unconditionally

Slowly, as the moving ground comes to a standstill,

I still search for a dream to fulfill being awake,

As my eyes close I find I am not alone,

Just beside the cold of the outside,

Which seeps in- as to creep,

I can hear the heavy snow fall,Lying softly I am happy to be warm,

Learning conditional love is hard-whether it be a person on the inside, outside,or towards yourself,

More than I can say is better left quiet,

Quiet inside which can often bring smiles,

Letting those eyes find where the light is.

Leaving someone else to be alone. When that is what they want.

The long walk away.                           Ricky Brown 12-29-2011                     

In: English Poem Posted By: Date: Dec 30, 2011
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