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We spell LOVE together

When I start to spell \” L O \” , she fills it with \” V E \”. So, the word of LOVE is beautifully completed. Since we started to learn about LOVE, it was awsome till the end. Everything was perfectly happened between us. Whenever she stares at me, I just wanna hold her hands tightly. Everytime she talks to me, I was blown away by her words, \’cuz she does with her heart. And we are always meant to be. YeYintZero

In: English Poem Posted By: Date: May 16, 2010
Comment #1

i think.. not stairs … stares…

commentinfo By: Rahkela at Sep 28, 2010
Comment #2

Rahkela… u may right.

a set of such steps leading from one floor of a building to another.

may be the poet want mean
he let his girl to steps on him to get the more high place, life, something else… 🙂

I left my comment
just for funny…

commentinfo By: sorrower.kl at Sep 28, 2010
Comment #3

see!! I got two comments because of this mistake.
So, it is a good mistake. Thanks for your comments.

commentinfo By: YeYintZero at Sep 28, 2010

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