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About Me: 30 years old of black paper is Me.I am a loser.Whatever I keep try hard or do best for my life.Still on fail.Wish never come true.Dream never come to reality.I want to get stable but all are throw to piece of crap.Money never happy to stay with me up all the time.I worship everyday and recite the Buddha verses.Haven't work it out yet.Still get the trouble for past life Karma.I wanna finished my Karma and I wanna transfer to another life with peacefully to left my past Karma.No Fame, No success.I am just an ordinary man and damn ugly guy(can proof all girls) .But I can't tell by myself as good or bad.The other people can describe and tell who am I.I would like to make a friends with frankly person.I hate lie things and hide things.I don't wanna become a famous person.I just wanna stay with care free and cool life. I will never walk alone if my friends face a problem.I got brotherhood mind.I would like to get loyalty,fair and undiscriminated.I believe in people right.