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This Day Only

This Day Only 12-16-13
Countless waves are calling me towards the Western Sky,
Where the sunsets every day,without a doubt,the stars come out,
The moon glows somewhere behind me,where I feel you are too,watching,
The distance between us is an open door,even though you are close,
I watch the world stop as you slowly pass by.
Tears fall like a hard rain,as I can\’t reach you to say goodbye,
I will never forget ,this day only,as I reach for you in my memory,
I clearly see, you are now part of history,Rest in Peace my Dear Friend,
You are free now,free as the wind blowing.

In: English Poem Posted By: Date: Dec 19, 2013
Comment #1

Dear Friend,
You are free now,free as the wind blowing……

commentinfo By: moezat at Dec 31, 2013

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